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What is Kay Therapy ?

A unique blend of modern and ancient healing art.

Kay Therapy is a revolutionary concept; a unique blend of modern and ancient healing art; a merger of diverse cultural philosophies.

Through deep bodywork and massage therapy, the focus is on the muscular, skeletal and body energy system, and the aim is to remove deep-rooted tension that can be a manifestation of physical, mental, or emotional stress. I heal by working on visceral organs, skeletal alignment and muscles bands by connecting with the fascia and reaching into the deep-tissues. I also combine Osteopathic techniques for joint mobility and treat body as one bio-mechanical organism.

I tap into acupressure points, reflexology points, meridians and chakras to restore harmony in the internal organs and the energy system.

I systematically explore where the root of particular tension is coming from instead of just treating one area. The physical tension you feel may originate from other parts of your body, or the cause might be from your past stresses and traumas. These tensions could be blocking your energy flow in your body, causing a sense of physical and intellectual imbalance that can affect the way we think and feel.

The treatments are further enhanced with the art of Aromatherapy. Essential oils that I blend after personal counseling also have powerful benefits on topical, emotional and physical level.

Kay Therapy is also a collaboration with other therapists, coaches, trainers, yogis, musicians and other health professionals to promote spiritual inspiration, nutritional education, fitness and wellness, ecological awareness, and music with the effect of different frequencies, also plays an important role in healing.

I believe that true health comes from good balance between our physical, emotional, mental, and social health.

I hope that you feel the flow again, and experience that deep sense of harmony with yourself, and your environment.

Kay Nelson